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Past exhibition, from November 14, 2009-June 20, 2010.

TableA solo exhibition by Paul Cullen 'cobbled together from ordinary things' that explores the movement and management of water.  Is it office furniture, or is it a device for moving water?

Artist's Statement

"Table" is a sculptural work made from ordinary objects, modified with buckets and tanks fitted and plumbed to allow the circulation of water. Small electric water pumps move the water through plastic hoses, at one end attached to a section of wooden ruler.
"Table"  retains its identity as an ordinary useful thing yet it is adapted to some new yet-undisclosed purpose. iT could be a makeshift scientific device, for moving and measuring water, or elaborate Heath Robinson machine for circulating water from one container to another.
"Table" could be taken as a model, possibly of the universe or perhaps of a garden.
Marcel Duchamp once famously claimed that the difference between art and architecture was plumbing, in this instance it is the difference between furniture and sculpture.

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