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Past exhibition, from October 31, 2009-February 14, 2010

Assume Nothing bannerWhat does it mean to identify yourself as "transgender" or "gender fluid", in a world determined to define you as either male or female? In this challenging yet sensitive exhibition, The Waikato Museum invites you to leave your preconceptions at the door and take a walk in the shoes of those who identify as "alternatively gendered".

This series of stunning, portrait photographs by Rebecca Swan, and award-winning documentary footage by Kirsty MacDonald, reveals both the extraordinary, and often very ordinary worlds of New Zealand's diverse "alternative" gender community.

Featuring several well-known personalities, including politician Georgina Beyer, performer Carmen Rupe, activist and educator Mani Bruce Mitchell and artist Shigeyuki Kihara, the exhibition profiles over 20 people who define their own gender identity outside conventional norms. Supporting Swan's intimate photographic portraits, Kirsty MacDonald has created a feature-length film and 8 short films exploring Swan's collaboration with a number of alternatively gendered artists featured in the exhibition.

In conjunction with the exhibition and the Human Rights Commission, we will be running a series of workshops for people wanting to understand more about the issues faced by transgender and transsexual people, including a workshop tailored to those working with youth, and another where Trans people will talk about the power of using creativity to express their gender identity.

Assume Nothing is an exploration and true celebration of the complex world of gender diversity.

Exhibition Developed and Toured by TheNewDowse

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