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Past exhbition, from December 13, 2008-March 15, 2009.

Janet DeBoosThe Waikato Museum is proud to support The Waiclay Team National Ceramics Award 2008 and promote excellence in claywork. This year's exhibition will feature the work of the finalists from this year's award and also the work of several key guest artists: Peter Collis, Penny Ericson, Wi Taepa, Mike O'Donnell, Barry Brickell, Mark Mitchell and Peter Lange.

From the 4 December there will also be a special feature installed outside the Waikato Museum, a Huntly Brick caravan by Peter Lange.

The Waikato Museum is hosting a series of programmes and activities for Waiclay.

This year's judge is Janet DeBoos. Janet is a renowned international ceramic artist. She has 18 permanent exhibitions across Australia, China and Europe, has run workshops and lectured in all states of Australia, UK, USA, Canada, and New Zealand and has exhibited extensively. 

Premier Award $2000 Sponsored by Waiclay: Open to all

Waikato Award $750 Sponsored by the Waikato Society of Potters: Open to Waikato Potters

Merit Award $500 Sponsored by Heritage Gallery Award: Open to all

This exhibition is also sponsored by Trust Waikato, The Waikato Society of Potters, Heritage Gallery, Open County Cheese Store.

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