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Buddhist meditations, teachings, and activities for the Waikato region.

Theruwan SaranaiShrine and welcome to the Waikato Compassion Meditation Centre

 Hamilton's Waikato Compassion Meditation Centre  is a Buddhist vihara established in the Sri Lankan tradition but operating as a non-sectarian centre for meditation, Buddhist teachings and practices. Although run mainly by Hamilton's Sri Lankan community, the centre reaches out to everyone in the Waikato community and a number of Kiwis also participate in its activities. The centre opened in Bankwood Road, Chartwell, in 2002 but moved to its present location in Silverdale in 2006.


Ven Metteyya and Ven TenzinTwo monks live in the centre: Venerable Dunuvila Metteyya has been a Sri Lankan monk since he was 11 years old and Venerable Tenzin Chosang is a New Zealand monk trained in the Tibetan tradition and ordained by the His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 1998.



Activities and Functions

We run a meditation class in English every Friday evening from 7:00-8:30pm and a Singhalese dharma discussion and meditation on Saturday evening at the same time. On Sundays starting at 3:00pm we also run a basic Chi Kung and meditation class in English for an hour. Every second Saturday, the centre hosts a shared lunch from 11:30am followed by a talk on the Buddha's teachings in English, usually by Venerable Tenzin Chosang. Once a month, also on Saturdays, we hold a traditional Theravadan one-day retreat in Singhala and English. Everyone is welcome to join in any of the centre's activities which are all free of charge, although donations are always very much appreciated and are tax deductible.

Venerable Tenzin Chosang also broadcasts a half-hour talk on Buddhism every Sunday morning at 9 am on Hamilton's Free FM Community Radio on FM89. The talk is available for download on demand for three weeks after broadcast.

Contact the Centre

The resident monks at the Waikato Compassion Meditation Centre are available by appointment every day for counselling, explanation of Buddhist philosophy and psychology or just general explanations about Buddhism. The monks are also available to participate in wider community activities in the Waikato region which may require a Buddhist presence, talks etc. If you do wish to talk to the monks, please phone or email to make an appointment - the centre is at 2A Chelmsford Road, Silverdale, Phone 859 2180, email



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Waikato Compassion Meditation Centre

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