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Another of Leo Tooman's stories of being a traffic officer in the 70's..

He was 70 and back for a second time to be retested for his drivers licence after failing his first attempt.  (The traffic officer who tested him reportedly still alive).....

It was a nice sunny clear day as Leo (traffic officer) and the 70 year old driver after failing his first test, got in the car outside the courthouse for the driving re-test   The driver took off down the road and came up to the round about.  For some reason he didn't see that it was a round about and went straight through it. This got Leo's attention real fast and was a bit worried about this drivers capabilities.  The driver then turned right into Palmerston street, only he ended up on the wrong side of the road.  It was then Leo took control and guided the driver back to the courthouse.  

"How's your eyesight?" Leo asked.  "Good" said the driver. (In those days  70+ year olds had to undergo tests each year to see if they were still capable of driving).   "How about we do a little eye test then," suggested Leo.   Leo took him into the office and found the driver couldn't even read the second line down.  "I think you better go see an optomotrist" suggested Leo as he failed him again.

Several days later the driver rang Leo after he had been to the optician.  He was so happy, as he told Leo there was nothing wrong with the TV afterall and he could now read the newspaper again.  "Good" eh....???


(Footnote) Thankfully Leo is still alive and well today working for the NZ Police as the Road Policing Manager!!

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Eye can see!

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