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This is a short humorous story about a traffic cop pulling over a speeding driver back in the 70's...

Back in the 70's Leo Tooman was a traffic officer working for the Ministry of Transport.  Leo remembers a time when he was in Karapiro following a speeding vehicle in his plain car .  As he was following the male driver he noticed the he kept putting something up to the quarter window as he was speeding down the road.

Leo clocked him at 70mph (the legal limit in those days was 55mph) and decided to come closer,. put the siren on and pull him over.

When Leo put the siren on he figured the driver must've got a helluva fright as he noticed the driver started to wriggle and jump up and down all over the place as he tried to pull the vehicle over to stop.

It turns out the driver had been trying to eat an extremely hot pie.  He'd been putting it up to his window to try and cool it down.  He was concentrating hard on taking a bite when Leo put his siren on.  He got such a fright he dropped the pie between his legs and was only wearing a pair of  very short football shorts!!






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Great Balls of Fire!