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Jubilee Catholic Early Childhood Centre is a licensed chartered centre providing childcare services to the Hamilton community.


Jubilee Catholic Early Childhood Centre is available to all families seeking Christian based values for their preschool child. As part of the local Catholic community we aim to integrate Catholic values, traditions, and prayers with daily life in ways that children can relate to and understand. Each child is an individual and will be allowed to develop at their own pace and according to their own capabilities. As each child is unique with God given potentialities, it is the task of the centre to help to discover those gifts and develop them.

Located in Clyde St. Hamilton East in close proximity to Marian School and the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Jubilee is a licensed chartered centre operating under the auspices of the Catholic Diocese of Hamilton. The centre is a community based service open to all who seek Christian values-based early childhood education for their child.


Jubilee is a kindergarten facility, with a free play philosophy that provides semi-structured learning opportunities.  Our Catholic character is reflected in our NZ Catholic Early Childhood Curriculum alongside Te Whāriki (the NZ ECE Curriculum).

By providing a semi-structured but flexible daily routine, a holistic developmental approach is taken in which the child’s physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs are met, with opportunities for parents/whanau involvement in a nurturing and stimulating, and safe learning environment.

Our programme planning is inspired by the Learning Stories model of assessing children’s learning. This model is based on our belief that children are active learners who set their own goals. It starts with what the childrencan do and know already and this contributes to their future learning.

We incorporate the ‘Virtues Project’ into our programme. This allows us to acknowledge and strengthen children’s virtues or gifts of character. For example, the virtues of friendliness, gentleness, courtesy, creativity, perseverance and confidence.

The children each have a portfolio book - a collection of their art, photos and learning stories, together with group stories. Children and teachers, as well as parents, contribute to the profiles. A valuable part of our planning involves children, their families and the teachers reflecting upon what we see in the profile books, and so the books are accessible for children and whanau.


Jubilee Catholic Early Childhood Centre
67 Clyde St,
Hamilton East
Ph 07 856 4072


The Centre is staffed by four qualified teachers who are committed to providing the best learning environment for your child. We also have a full time administrator.

Jubilee Provides

Quality care and education for children 3 - 5 years (child must be able to use the toilet independently). 
Good staff/child ratios
A Transition to School programme which incorporates school visits for those going on to Marian School.
Committed and enthusiastic staff.
A warm, welcoming and caring environment.


Monday - Friday  8.30am – 3.30pm

Jubilee is licensed for 30 children as a full day facility. 

Fees 2014

        Jubilee offers 20hrs ECE which is  included in the weekly fee schedule below.

        Centre fees over the 20hrs ECE are $6.80 per hour.   

Two days 8.30 - 3.30  $13.60
Three days 8.30 - 3.30


Four Days

8.30 - 3.30  $54.40
Five Days 8.30 - 3.30  $102.00

Term Dates 2015

The centre is open during the school terms.

Term 1: Monday 2 February  – Thursday 2 April

Term 2: Monday 20 April – Friday 3 July

Term 3: Monday 20 July– Friday 25 September

Term 4: Monday 12 October – Thursday 17 December



Lisa Vedder/Supervisor and Teacher

Angela Hodgkinson/Teacher

Valerie Penrose/Teacher

Debbie Smagge/Teacher

Veronica Mackenzie/Administrator




 If you would like to find out more about enrolling your child:

    • Call into the office, phone on 8564072 or email
    • An appointment time can also be made to visit the centre.

If you are interested in enrolling your child, please collect an enrolment pack, complete all sections of the enrolment form and return to the centre. Your child will be added to the current waiting list and notified when a place becomes available.  

Please note that the waiting times can sometimes be considerable. When a place becomes available you will be called by the centre to see if the available days are suitable. When a start date has been confirmed anappointment will be made to finalise the enrolment process. 


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