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On Sunday 29th May 2011 over 60 teenagers and their parents joined Alf's Army, Hamilton City Library staff and the T. S Rangiriri Sea Cadets to play out the battle between the English and the Scots at Culloden

With battle ready shields, swords and flour bombs the Governors Lawn on Sunday 29th May 2011 was filled with Hamiltonians participating in the mock battle of Culloden between the English and the Scots.

Hamilton City Libraries had provided newspaper to make swords and then everyone joined in to help make the flour bombs which were most popular during battle. Then Major Blunder of the Fifth Waikato Dragoons Regiment of Alf's Imperial Army began the day with a small history lesson, followed by a small tutorial on proper battle practices. Then the battle began.

With mighty shields and gleaming swords the battle raged between the English and the Scots for the better part of an hour with numerous casualties that were miraculously healed by the nurse's majestic abilities. Flour bombs were lobbed from both sides and were excellent renewable resources as they didn't always break wide open on impact. Different battle strategies were introduced to try and win the day although I'm not sure how the spinning with arms wide open strategy was that effective because if you were killed immediately you crashed to the ground anyway in a dizzy lump.


A fun day was had by everyone who attended.

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Battle of Culloden 2011

Subject:Battle of Culloden