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New Zealand Post supplied the venue, sausage sizzle and fire engine rides, we organised the event and the talented Hannah entertained the "pirates" with a tale of conspiracy and pirate mayhem.

Forty five children arrived dressed for action,  to deter them from any acts of mutiny, we ensured that they were all well fed and entertained with pirate games and fire engine rides. Held at the Waikato Mail Centre on 14 May 2011 the Pirate Party was a huge success and was a good time had by all. Pin the parrot to the pirate and fishing for treasure were a few games the children played while munching on sausages on bread from the sausage sizzle. A fire engine ride on the NZ Post fire engine complete with siren was fun for kids and their parents

NZ Post Fire Engine

At 2pm the Pirate story began, Hannah's story was a tale  of adventure.  A violent storm, a treacherous cook and cutlass battle, the finale was the cook walking the plank and the discovery of the treasure ( a treasure chest  full of Crunchie bars!). Hannah was exceptional in her role as Ted the Pirate and Su as the cook. Two children from the audience to lend a hand as the first mate and the look out.

Last but not least came the costume contest which was hard to judge as some of the costumes were so elaborate and authentic looking. The winners were picked and gifted with vouchers and 2 children were giving a book from the  winner's of the awards as a bonus prize for their costumes. Fun was had by all and we can't wait to see what is put on for next year's NZ Post Book Awards.

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NZ Post Book Awards Pirate Party

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