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Balloons over Waikato festival held from Wednesday 24th - Saturday 27th March 2010 in Hamilton.

Despite the weather not being the kindest this year and with lots of early morning fog, hundreds of people still turned out each morning to watch the inflating and launching of the balloons at the annual Balloons over Waikato festival from Innes Common, Hamilton Lake.  For those organised enough to get up early, crowds of young children and their parents were not disappointed to see the balloons up close.

Once the balloons had been inflated, the skies over Hamilton came alive with a LARGE Jack in the box, a HUGE peacock and a GIANT mushroom, not to mention the array of smaller, yet very colourful balloons which took part.  Thursday morning saw the balloons head towards the east at great speed - so quickly that by the time I drove from central city to Hillcrest, they were almost all heading off into the distance.  Many comments I heard from colleagues that morning was not to dissimilar to "wow, I almost crashed on my way to work - did you see those balloons".

Early Saturday morning, the balloons all seemed to be having trouble getting the lift they needed, while driving to work we noticed the mushroom had landed on the grounds of Hamilton Girls High School, that the Jack in the Box seemed to be hovering just above the river in the central city and many others were suspended around the place, with three sitting quietly above Dinsdale. 

Saturday night ended the festival with the annual Night Glow held at the University of Waikato.  Despite having been popular in the past, it seemed that every inch of earth was covered in spectators this year to watch the finale.  The night glow theme songs were all movie based with the balloonists doing a great job with the 'choreography'.

Unfortunately I forgot to take the camera this year so, if you have any photographs, please feel free to add them...



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Balloons over Waikato

Subject:Balloons over Waikato