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In 2005 Civic Awards were presented to Janet Aldridge, Gerald Bailey, Judy Chandler, Sabrina Ju-lien Chang Cheng, Valerie Emett, Pauline Goudswaard, John Dickson Hunt, Penelope Judson, Tonga Maioha Kelly, David A Mannering, Manjit Singh, Marjory (Marj) Williams, Joey Clair and Bruce Hooker, in December 2005.

Civic Award Citation

Janet Aldridge
People & Well-being

Janet Aldridge has spent the last thirty years dedicated to outstanding services to the Waikato Asthma & Respiratory Society and more recently The Waikato Asthma Trust.

Janet took over the role of President of Waikato Asthma and Respiratory Society in 1974, two years after its inception. A position she held for seventeen years. Under her leadership the new Society was consolidated, gaining a large increase in membership and funds. The Society expanded its services to help many people with breathing problems.

After her term as President, in 1997 she took on the role of Chairperson of the newly established Waikato Asthma and Respiratory Trust, where funds raised are held and invested. She is still chairing the Trust today.

Over the years Janet has given much guidance to other committee members and staff, ably representing the Society at various conferences and seminars.

During this period Janet was also Vice President and in 1992 President of the Zonta Club of Hamilton-Waikato. Under her presidency the club flourished and undertook many projects to raise funds and support worthwhile not-for-profit groups in Hamilton, as well as contributing to international projects.

It is with great pleasure that we acknowledge the service that Janet Aldridge has given to the community and support her presentation of a Civic Award.

Civic Award Citation

Gerald Bailey

Gerald Bailey has been deeply and vitally involved in cricket administration for more than 30 years.

Prior to 1975 he was for several years the Secretary of the Waikato Cricket Association, which at that time was one of the larger minor associations in New Zealand.

In 1975 he was appointed the Secretary of The Northern Districts Association, he held this position until being appointed Chairman in 1982. He was Chairman for nine years and at the end of his term as Chairman he remained on the management committee. In 1996 he was appointed President of the Northern Districts Association, retiring in August this year. He has therefore been an officer of this Association for 29 years.

Gerald's contribution to cricket did not stop at Northern Districts level. He was a member of the Board of Control of NZ Cricket from 1985 - 1994 in that capacity he chaired the boards finance sub-committee and managed a New Zealand team to Sharjah in 1988.

Undoubtedly, Gerald's greatest contribution to the game of cricket has been in the Northern Districts area. His contributions have been many and varied and extend beyond the particular office he has held. He was a member of the fundraising committee for Vision 90s; he gave freely of his time, and has provided legal advice to the Association. In 2004 Gerald was bestowed a life membership by the Northern Districts Association.

Apart from his involvement in cricket Gerald has served as a council member of what is now the Waikato Bay of Plenty Law Society and has also contributed, with his generous spirit, to many other organisations particularly the University of Waikato and the Anglican Church.

He has served as both Chancellor and Pro-Chancellor of the University and his devotion to the church includes being a synod representative, a member of the vestry and both a peoples and vicars warden.

Gerald has contributed immensely to the administration of cricket in the Northern Districts area and richly deserves a Civic Award for his contribution to this community.

Civic Award Citation

Judy Chandler

Judy is the longest serving member of Waikato Masters Athletics Incorporated. She was a member of the foundation committee who organised the first veteran athletics national track and field championships, held at Porritt Stadium in 1976. They were a very dedicated group of athletes who paved the way for what is now an association catering for any one over the age of 35 regardless of disability or experience.

Judy was a committee member from 1975 until 2004, when she decided to concentrate her efforts on another section of the association - the production team for "Upfront" newsletter that is delivered to the members in the Waikato - Bay of Plenty regions. During her term on the committee she assisted the secretary with relief work, spent one season as treasurer; and was always available to assist with other duties.

From 1987 until 2004 Judy was also the National Membership Organiser, a very time consuming position, maintaining an up-to-date list of members throughout the entire country. She was also on the production team of VETLINE, a national magazine, from 1987-1997. VETLINE's readership grew under this team.

Judy is also a long-time member of the Hamilton Athletics Club, now the Hamilton Hawks and does numerous tasks for the track and field committee. She can be seen at Porritt Stadium on almost every competition day; either serving, timekeeping or assisting with entry forms.

Judy was given life membership to the Waikato Masters Athletics Inc in 2004. She thoroughly deserves any plaudits for the work she has done, and continues to do.

We consider Judy a very worthy recipient for a Civic Award.

Civic Award Citation

Sabrina Ju-lien Chang Cheng
People & Well-being

Ever since her arrival in Hamilton from Taiwan, ten years ago, Sabrina has been a leader and supporter of the local Taiwanese community.

Over this time she has been the driving force behind a succession of cultural events and performances by local community members as well as visiting performers from Taiwan.

After a few years organizing functions with her friends Sabrina started the well-known Sunshine Society of New Zealand and became the first Chairperson of this Society.

With her tireless effort and the assistance from various bodies including the Taiwanese Cultural Group, she has successfully organised concerts and functions including Chinese music, acrobats, dancing, Christmas parade, New Year dragon boat and mid autumn celebrations. These functions bring great entertainment to the local Chinese community as well as sharing the unique Chinese culture with other kiwis.

Sabrina has also given a lot of her time teaching other migrants the English language. Sabrina is a member of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and a member of the Hamilton Multi Cultural Services Trust

In the ten years she has been in Hamilton Sabrina has been a model citizen and a major contributor to the Hamilton community. With her assistance a number of art, craft, and dance groups have been formed to provide leisure and educational activities for young Chinese.

Sabrina has always worked to share the Chinese Culture with other Hamiltonians, without expecting anything in return. We truly believe Sabrina deserves this recognition.

Civic Award Citation

Valerie Emett

Valerie joined the Waikato Special Olympic committee as a volunteer in 1984. She helped set up a training programme to raise funds to take a team to the first Special Olympic Games in Wellington at the end of 1984.

For 10 years Val held the position of Treasurer on the Waikato Special Olympics Committee, and assisted coordinators with their jobs over a period of four years.

She has completed training courses in gymnastics, swimming and ten pin bowling and has also helped in fundraising. She has travelled away with swimmers and bowlers as a manager several times a year for a great number of years, taking competitors to sporting competitions. She has worked mostly with swimming over the last fifteen years and has been the only swimming coach for the last five years. She is presently training fourteen people, ten of whom will attend the National Games in Christchurch at the end of the year.

Val has been a very valued, loyal volunteer and supporter for the Waikato Special Olympics Committee.

It is definitely a pleasure to present Val with this prestigious award, as she is a truly worthy recipient.

Civic Award Citation

Pauline Goudswaard
People & Well-being

Pauline has been an active member of the Hamilton Citizens Advice Bureau CAB since 1995. She has participated in every facet of the bureau role in our community both willingly and generously. She was part of the management committee for 7 years from 1996 - 2003 and was chairperson of that committee from 1998 - 2002.

Probably the greatest contribution Pauline gives to the Bureau and the people of Hamilton is in her role as a consumer advisor, which she has been doing for the past 10 years. With the advent of the Consumers Guarantee Act in 1994 Pauline undertook training in all aspects of consumer law to work alongside the already trained consumer advisors.

In 2002 Pauline accepted the role of coordinator for the Hamilton Citizens Advice Consumer Group. This consumer specialist group serving Hamilton and further a field is unique in the CAB world, as this group specialises in the laws pertaining to consumers and traders. The service is well known and highly respected, with the Ministry of Consumer Affairs frequently referring consumer enquiries to this service.

Pauline, as coordinator, is spokesperson for the group and she peruses all the records of the advisors calls and conducts their bi monthly training session. She also plans and carries out training programmes for new consumer advisors as well as Hamilton staff; with particular emphasis on any new legislation the staff needs to be aware of.

Pauline is a role model for others and her wisdom and experience is a blessing for all who work alongside her and is appreciated by clients, retailers and traders alike.

Pauline also undertakes another volunteer community role with the Glenview/Melville community police station where she coordinates the neighbourhood support groups. She has been a long serving volunteer and gives her time to over 100 groups that she keeps in touch with via a fortnightly report.

In light of her continued service to the community it is without hesitation that we bestow the Civic Award on Pauline Goudswaard.

Civic Award Citation

John Dickson Hunt
People & Well-being

John's association with the Hamilton Gardens began when he joined the Hamilton Gardens' Building Trust in the mid eighties. This group was raising money for what is now the Hamilton Gardens Pavilion.

On completion of the project in 1989, the Friends of Hamilton Gardens was formed and John and his wife Elaine were founding members. They were to the fore again when the Information Centre at the Gardens was opened to the public. John has been part of the team as a volunteer serving on the information counter for the last ten years. He is also a tour guide - taking visiting groups around the Gardens. John has been serving on the Friends of Hamilton Gardens Committee for the past five years.

Some six years ago the Right Bank Arts Festival shifted its site to the Hamilton Gardens and over the last five years the Friends of Hamilton Gardens have been the organisers. John initially took the leading role in this and is still helping and offering guidance.

For eight years John was part of a small team which organises the Hamilton Gardens Entertainment Trust, as the Friends representative. This Trust coordinates the hugely popular Turtle Lake Concert each year.

Aside from John's long and faithful service to the Gardens he has been involved with the Hamilton Jaycees; Melville School Board of Governors - committee then chairperson; Board of IHC, Hamilton Lions Club - member, treasurer then president; Cathedral Church of St Peters - member of the Chapter, Deans Warden, licensed to administer the Chalice; Wilson Carlisle House Foundation - founder member involved 1972-1997; Park International Veterans Golf Club - committee club captain and patron; YMCA - board member for a number of years.

It is with great pleasure we give Mr John Hunt a Civic Award today.

Civic Award Citation

Penelope Judson
People & Well-being

Penny has been involved with the Hamilton Contact Arthritic Group for approximately fifteen years after having been on the Executive of the Arthritis Foundation (Waikato Area) for four years.

Penny is the Chairperson and Convener of the Hamilton Contact Arthritis Support Group and in the fifteen years she has held office, membership has grown to 160. This is largely due to sheer enthusiasm and personal drive on Penny's part.

As an arthritis sufferer herself for many years, Penny is aware of the benefits of interaction and friendships gained from bringing people with the same affliction together and to this end organises a monthly meeting where speakers and specialists address the members.

She has dedicated hours, weeks and years to the arthritis field educators. She has often been the first point of contact for people wondering where to get advice on services available, rheumatologists, total mobility and the like, all on a voluntary basis.

Penny is a convener of the hydro-pool exercise classes as she appreciates the value to arthritis sufferers of exercising in warm water. She has built up classes over the past thirteen years at the Fountain City Motel, and has also been involved in the current push for a dedicated hydro-therapy pool in Hamilton to meet the therapeutic needs within the community.

A mother of five children, Penny also made time to foster children through Child Youth and Family for both short and long term stays. Together with her late husband Penny has cared for 50 different children. Many of these people have kept in touch with Penny long after they have left her home.

Penny is a truly amazing and caring person and we have no hesitation in bestowing a Civic Award on her today.

Civic Award Citation

Tonga Maioha Kelly
People & Well-being

Over many years Tonga has been a mainstay in trying to improve wellness for Maori. He is a strong advocate for the unemployed and was a driving force in the establishment of Frankton-Dinsdale Rauawaawa Charitable Trust.

Together with his late wife June, Tonga has been an incredibly active and influential driver of positive social reform for the disadvantaged and needy of Hamilton.

Tonga's dedication and commitment to the affairs of the Trust, as a Maori organisation and provider of community programmes and events, remains as strong as ever.

For many years Tonga has remained steadfast in the direction for the Trust. He always displays a keen interest in community events and is always available and willing to source funding that will further progress the vision of the Trust.

Tonga is well known and loved throughout Hamilton for his tireless community involvement. Those affiliated with the Trust, be it trustees, staff, or visitors, all hold him in high regard.

Tonga is talented in so many areas and has had experience in so many fields it is inappropriate to focus on any one particular service to the community. At present Tonga is currently serving on the governing bodies of;

 Matua Whangai O Kirikiriroa Trust
 Raukawa Waikato Iwi Social Services/Parearau Group
 Parentline Incorporated Society

It is without hesitation we present Tonga Maioha Kelly with a Civic Award.

Civic Award Citation

David A Mannering
People & Well-being

David contributes to several groups in Hamilton. His cheerful manner, his enthusiasm and his willingness to help others is widely recognised.

David is currently chairman of Hamilton's Newstape. Newstape produces almost 12,000 audiotapes per year as a "talking newspaper for the blind" and it is the only one of its kind in New Zealand. David is an enthusiastic volunteer and a strong and effective advocate for the Newstape Trust. He continues to publicise the work and role of the Trust as widely as possible. His dedication to blind and vision-impaired people has made a real difference in the day-to-day lives of blind people in the wider Waikato community.

David also finds time to transport Cancer Society clients to and from a variety of cancer treatments. The volunteers in the driving service provide not simply a "taxi" type function, but in fact accompany each patient separately to and from their appointments at Waikato Hospital. This requires a person with compassion and tact who genuinely has the best interests of their passenger at heart.

He has, for the past few years, also worked for the RSA's Poppy Day, this can be a very time consuming job and involves contacting collectors and arranging timetables for a number of sites. David is a very willing helper and his efforts are very much appreciated. He is also a past president and remains an active member of the Probus Club.

As a coordinator for the Annual Red Cross Appeal he and his team have achieved a record collection.

David is a man who has truly made an extraordinary contribution to members of this city. We believe that he is a worthy recipient of a Civic Award.

Civic Award Citation

Manjit Singh
People & Well-being

Manjit has been an active member of many voluntary organisations, serving people from all walks of life. He has made a significant contribution in the Ethnic community, particularly amongst the Indian community and more specifically among the Punjabi community.

Manjit is a true unsung hero who works quietly behind the scenes and doesn't seek any recognition in return. He volunteers his time generously for the benefit of the greater community.

During the Tsunami fundraising appeal earlier in the year Manjits' attitude and spirit of giving was impressive. Not only did he donate money from his business he also participated in every mundane task with enthusiasm.

Manjit has been involved in fundraising for the Hamilton Phoenix Hall - a community hall used by many different ethnic groups. He is also a trustee of the Indian Charbargh Garden at the Hamilton Gardens and has made a significant contribution to its progress from start to finish.

He is passionate about Indian arts and songs. He devotes his time in promoting the Indian Arts to children. Manjit is a long serving member of the Hamilton's iconic ethnic function "Diwalee". His contribution in the Hamilton Punjabi community for the promotion of Punjabi culture is praiseworthy.

Recently Manjit has joined the Rotary Club of Fairfield so he may serve the wider community. Manjits' humanitarian view in helping others transcends the boundaries of ethnicity and nationality.

People like Manjit keep community spirit alive - we are delighted to bestow the Civic Award on him today.

Civic Award Citation

Marjory (Marj) Williams
People & Well-being

Marj began a long commitment to volunteer work with the Prisoners Aid and Rehabilitation Society of the Waikato District Inc in 1980, and she is still actively involved.

The skills Marj has with people have been a key contributor and valuable asset to a Society which seeks to facilitate a reduction in re-offending and provides support to offenders and their families. In her role she offers information, support and advocacy in the courts, prisons and community.

Marj was a founding member of the Melville Methodist Church in 1959 and over the years has taken full part in the life of the congregation. She has served on parish, sung in the choir, led the women's fellowship, taught children at Sunday school and been a regular pastoral visitor. Those who are sick particularly appreciate her cheery and uplifting presence.

Marj was an original member of the Melville Methodist churches bargain bin, which makes grants to a wide range of local community groups and works in the shop on a regular basis.

For sometime she was a helper of the local Girl's Brigade Company and has been active for many years in the wider community. She has delivered meals on wheels and at the moment she is working as a St Johns volunteer in the Accident and Emergency Department at Waikato Hospital.

Marj is a community person and her commitment over the years has been dependable, honest and unfailing. She is cheerful, dedicated and cares deeply for others and expresses her concern in action.

She is a worthy recipient of a Civic Award, which we are proud to bestow on her today.

Civic Award Citation

Joey Clair
People & Well-being, Sport & Enterprise

Joey's dedication to almost anything she comes in contact with is unquestionable. She has been associated with, and served on various committees, whanau groups, associations, councils and departments within Hamilton and especially her beloved community - Melville for 30-40 years

Joey Clair is a Neighbourhood Development Officer but this award is in recognition of the work she does over and above what is expected of her from her job. Joey supports anyone in her community in the weekend and at night, raising money for community events, local sports teams and supporting families in need.

Joey is passionate about seeing the community evolve into a self-sustaining, happy place for people to live in. This passion is reflected in many different ways: a breakfast club to for children, coaching, transporting, managing and supporting several sports teams; fundraising; and an open door policy at her own home.

Joey is currently on the Board of Trustees at Melville High School despite her own children now being adults. She dedicates hours and hours of her own time to this role.

This Civic Award is one way to show Joey how much she is appreciated by the Melville community. Her commitment to the community has never faltered and her input into the neighbourhood has impacted on many lives - as evidenced by the many, loving testimonials supporting Joey.

The contribution Joey makes to the community is consistent, ongoing and fundamental to the social, financial and mental health of the Hamilton South Community. Her input is often unrecognised in a formal sense as her involvement is unobtrusive. Joey has never asked for thanks which makes her a true "unsung hero", one who deserves this Civic Award.

Civic Award Citation

Bruce Hooker
People & Well-being

Bruce is a true volunteer in every sense of the word. He is an exceptional organiser who works tirelessly and motivates others. He freely gives his time and energy and has organised, coordinated, or in some way been involved with several major projects that have benefited the community.

Bruce's involvement with community work goes back to 1972 when he first moved to Hamilton. Over the years he has been involved in several initiatives and organisations throughout the City.

He is a life member of the Lions Club of East Hamilton, having held most of the executive positions, including President and he then moved on to district responsibilities, becoming District Governor of District 202C. His abilities were recognised nationally and Bruce helped to establish many new Lions Clubs.

In 1994 Bruce headed a committee of volunteers who successfully raised over $900,000 to upgrade the Cancer Society Lodge situated in the grounds of the Waikato Hospital. The building was opened by Bruce in 1995 and was named the Lions Cancer Lodge in recognition of the magnificent part played by Bruce and the many Lions Clubs members who contributed so much to its development. Bruce has also organised a large collection area for the Cancer Societies Daffodil Day and has been involved with the Relay for Life.

Bruce has helped the Heart Zipper Club and has organised an ongoing heart support club that meets monthly. He also created a series of "Men's Health" evenings to promote a greater awareness and understanding for men of health issues they face.

Bruce was a foundation member of the association now known as Grey Power and a previous President. He has refurbished wheelchairs to send to Rarotonga. He has been a strong campaigner for road traffic and safety issues in Hamilton, and has also been asked to represent local citizens on several community boards.

We believe he is a truly worthy recipient of this Civic Award.

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2005 Hamilton Civic Awards

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