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In 2002 Civic Awards were presented to Mrs Beryl Blewett, Mr David Bowden, Mrs Margaret Cartner, Mr Patrick Gregan, Mr John Guy, Mr Timoti Harris, Mr David Hoskin, Mr Ian James, Mrs Alice Knight, Mr Brian Lintott, Mrs Pamela Mayall, Mrs Margaret Price, Mr Barry Pryce, Mrs Barbara Smith, Mr Rod Smith, Mr Stewart Stanbridge, Mrs Pamela Vester, Mr Colin Watson, and Mrs Lynley Wheaton.


NAME: Mrs Beryl Blewett

NOMINATED FOR: People & Well-Being

Beryl Blewett currently holds the position of Co-ordinator for the Waikato Branch of the Breast Cancer Support Services. Beryl founded the group under the Cancer Society umbrella nine years ago after becoming aware of the lack of support facilities for women. Initially Beryl received no funding from the national organisation so fund raising was a major task in establishing the branch.

Beryl organises regular meetings for an increasing number of women looking for companionship, information and empathy. A newsletter is published four times a year to keep women up to date with the latest research. Beryl is qualified to train Breast Cancer Hospital visitors to an international standard, she supplies information packs for patients to medical practices throughout the Waikato and ensures that medical practitioners are kept informed about the Breast Cancer Support Service's activities.

Daffodil Day is a special day in Beryl's diary. It is also a long day with hours of organisation to ensure, flowers, volunteers, equipment and refreshments are on hand. Beryl's position involves liaison with the national and regional offices, attending conferences and allocating funds to the best possible advantage of the Breast Cancer Support Service.

Beryl Blewett's contribution to many lives through her role as Co-ordinator of the Waikato Breast Cancer Support Services has been enduring, compassionate and committed.


NAME: Mr David Bowden

NOMINATED FOR: Art & Culture

David Bowden has been responsible for building most of the pavilions that have become features in their own right. These include:

• the Japanese Garden of Contemplation Pavilion based on the Abbots Quarters at the Daisen -in Complex in Kyoto
• the English Flower Garden Pavilion
• the Modernist Garden Pavilion
• the Chinese Pavilion using a traditional design sent from Wuxi
• the French Garden pergola and the
• Russian Bell Tower based on traditional Siberian designs.

Most of these buildings have presented a huge challenge to construct and the fact that they have been achieved with such design integrity is due in large part to the craftsmanship and diligence of David Bowden. These buildings have been constructed over a period of 10 years and some have taken up to seven months to complete. They are very important elements in the theme gardens at Hamilton Gardens, the Waikato's most popular visitor attraction.

While David has been paid for this work, his remuneration does not reflect the hours he has put into these projects. No other builder would have done them within those budgets as a viable business operation - it has been very much a labour of love.

David has announced his "official" retirement and it is an appropriate time to recognize his significant achievement.


NAME: Mrs Margaret Cartner


Margaret Cartner is well known and highly respected in Hamilton for her work in the filed of adult literacy. Although she holds two part-time paid positions, the low level of resources dictates that to be successful, extra time and effort is needed. Margaret is successful and this is due to her total commitment and to her considerable voluntary input over the last 16 years.

As a co-ordinator of Literacy Waikato for 12 years, Margaret shares responsibility for 380 students at any one time and for 150 volunteers who she trains to teach adult literacy and then matches them with students. The student base is mainly adult New Zealanders who have fallen through cracks in the education system.

Margaret's second position is that of Learning Assistance Tutor and Peer Tutor Co-ordinator with the Tertiary Studies Skill Centre.

Margaret's voluntary and extra-curricula activities also revolve around adult literacy.

In 2001 Margaret won the Co-ordinator of Volunteers Award presented by Volunteering Waikato. Committee work also benefits from Margaret's energy and expertise. Since 1990, she has been an active member of Adult Community Education Aoteoroa. Since 1997, she has been a member of the University of Waikato School of Education Board of Studies. These are just a few of her activities.

Only positive attributes can be used to describe Margaret; she is a warm, caring, kind-hearted, congenial, compassionate, friendly person who is dedicated to her family and to those in the community who can benefit from her help and her skills.


NAME: Mr Patrick Gregan

NOMINATED FOR: People & Well-Being, Enterprise, Sport

Patrick Gregan has been a member of the Beerescourt Bowling Club (Inc) since 1982. He is also a past present of the club. The Beerescourt Men's and Women's Bowling Clubs were and are separate identities. The existing separate club houses had become
inadequate. There were a few who envisaged a common clubhouse but it was Pat Gregan who made it his personal undertaking and spearheaded the drive to raise the funds required for a new building.

His drive and enthusiasm was an inspiration to us all at the club. Pat gave unselfishly of his personal time and effort. His effort resulted in grants being obtained and a building being erected approximately five years ago which the club can be proud of.

Pat has also been a member of the Waikato Good Companions Social Club Inc since 1984 and has served on the committee for 14 years. In the early days, Pat made and donated the large tables - about 25 in number and the trolleys to transport them which are still used at dances. Pat has donated raffle prizes and helped in other fund raising. He is always there lending a hand to set up the hall for monthly dances and is often the ticket seller on the night.

Pat is thoughtful and compassionate and is deserving of a Civic Award.


NAME: Mr John Guy


John Guy has been involved with the Waikato Equestrian Centre for over 18 years.

It is through his tireless efforts of voluntary work that he has transformed the 40 hectares of land leased from the Hamilton City Council to what it is today.

The land was covered in gorse, blackberry and grossly neglected when the Waikato Equestrian Centre took over the lease approximately 18 years ago.

John organised for the property to be cleared of weeds, gorse and blackberry. He arranged for the appropriate fencing and water lines to the troughs to go in so that horses could be grazed on the land which brought in an income to develop equestrian facilities including sand arenas, grass arenas, and the riding school building and arena. He is still improving the grounds.

In addition to the above John has served as President, Immediate Past President, Vice President and a member of the Committee of the Waikato Combined Equestrian Group Inc since July 1987. He was elected to the Management Board in 1998 and is still on this Board.

Without John's tireless effort, the Waikato Equestrian Centre would not have the facilities that they have today.


NAME: Mr Timoti Harris

NOMINATED FOR: People & Well-Being, Education

Timoti Harris' nomination has been compiled as a result of a collective request from community personnel that welcomed the opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding qualities and service given to many by Timoti spanning over a period of twenty years.

While serving in the field of education is Timoti's chosen career, this nomination is for the service he has done in a voluntary capacity for the betterment of our communities.

Timoti's service includes:
Supporting Maori youth in education - encouraging youth to stay at school and this was achieved through getting to know not only students but the families.
Helping families become united.
Financially assisting youth in sporting and cultural activities where finances would impede their education.
Supporting troubled youth -guiding youth to understand and recognize their life choices and the impact their choices would have on those close to them.
Timoti has worked alongside many students in a voluntary capacity, motivating, guiding, supporting and empowering them to realise their potential.

A quote by Martin Luther King was used to help describe Timoti "An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity". Timoti is living evidence of this adage. His commitment to a just community, his willingness to give freely of his time, and his commitment to young people is beyond compare.

In fact, the testimonials supporting Timoti's nomination were so detailed with each person telling their own story; we can only briefly touch on the reasons for this award.

This Civic Award is to acknowledge to the wider community of Hamilton and to Timoti himself, the aroha and thanks that so many people would like to express.


NAME: Mr David Hoskin


David Hoskin has been involved in voluntary cricket administration all his life.

In 1951, whilst still at Hamilton High School, David became the school delegate to the Hamilton Cricket Association.

In the 51 seasons since 1951, David has continuously been involved in volunteer cricket administration with:

• Hamilton High School
• Claudelands Cricket Club
• Hamilton Cricket Association
• Waikato Cricket Association
• Northern Districts Cricket Association
• New Zealand Cricket Association.

He is currently the President of the New Zealand Cricket.

This summary does not show David's true involvement in the running of cricket in Hamilton. Whilst it is true he has filled the top administrative roles of President etc with distinction, he is also the first attendee at working bees.

David's commitment to cricket in Hamilton over 51 years has resulted in his nomination for a Civic Award.


NAME: Mr Ian James

NOMINATED FOR: Art and Culture

Ian James (who prefers to be known as Jim) is a Foundation Member of the Waikato Orchid Society and both he and his wife Rae are still active and loyal members after 42 years. Both Jim and Rae have served on the Committee for 28 years and Jim has had a term both as President and Secretary. Jim is currently Patron of the Society and takes an active part in supporting every event of the Society.

Over the years Jim has been a great ambassador for the Waikato, promoting it as a center for growing good orchids and this has been a factor in the establishment of many commercial orchid growing ventures within the region. Visitors, both national and international, have often been hosted by this couple, and indeed many individuals and tour groups visit their greenhouses every time they come this way.

Jim has achieved an International Reputation as a hybridiser of orchids and has lectured at many international events such as the 13th World Orchid Conference in Auckland (1990) (where he was awarded a gold medal for his contribution to orchids in New Zealand).

As a world authority on orchids, Jim has written many articles on aspects of orchid culture for publication in international journals and society newsletters and has published four books.

Jim James is a cultural treasure who is being recognized today for his service to the local community, the Waikato region, the nation and the international community in the world of Orchids.


NAME: Mrs Alice Knight

NOMINATED FOR: People & Well-Being

Mrs Knight has served on the Committee of Schizophrenia Fellowship Waikato Inc (SF Waikato) for 15 years.

As a volunteer member, Mrs Knight demonstrates not only compassionate understanding of people with mental illness but also strong advocacy skills - she is a voice for those who are unable to speak for themselves.

Together with her husband she went to Wellington in the mid 1990's and presented a verbal submission to Parliament. She spoke out strongly for the protection of savings and assets of people with mental illness and was indeed successful in effecting law change.

In the days of Tokanui Hospital, Mrs Knight let a group of people who regularly visited the hospital to share their creative talents and provide comforts to the patients.

Her loyal commitment to SF Waikato contributed to the growth and development of the branch, a branch which is now a strong and vibrant organisation support families/whanau affected by mental illness.

Mrs Knight is a worthy recipient for a Civic Award.


NAME: Mr Brian Lintott

NOMINATED FOR: Art & Culture

Brian Lintott has been a volunteer at the Riverlea Theatre since joining Musikmakers in 1978 which has involved some 24 years of service.

Brian has assisted in some capacity in 47 Musical Shows. He has also assisted Playbox with three productions and Stagecraft School with four of their past five productions.

He is a very talented Stage Manager, a job he has performed on numerous occasions. His set building and painting skills are outstanding and it is not unusual to see Brian hammering in nails or with a paintbrush in his hand at all times of the day and night during the construction of a set or the running of a show.

Riverlea Theatre would not have survived without this extremely talented gentleman.

Never a day goes by now when you do not see Brian turn up at the theatre to do the odd job or two.

Riverlea Theatre is indebted to his service given so willingly.


NAME: Mrs Pamela Mayall

NOMINATED FOR: People & Well-being

Pamela Mayall is the founder of Parkinsonism Society Waikato Incorporated.

In early 1982, Pam's late husband Bill was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and the pair sought information on the condition which was scant; and support which was non existent.

At the same time an inaugural, founding management committee of the Parkinson's Society of NZ was established through the efforts of Mr Ron Greenwood. He toured the provincial centres seeking persons interested in forming local divisions. In Hamilton, he met Pam and Bill Mayall.

In mid 1992, Pam placed a public notice of a meeting in a weekly newspaper. Eleven interested people attended that meeting and the Hamilton Parkinson's Support Group (as it was named then) was established with Pam as its President.

With a small committee Pam very soon had a growing membership attending monthly support/social meetings, theatre visits country outings and regular exercises to music with Pam playing the piano.

Today, there is three paid Field Officers to meet new members, establish regional or local groups and make home visits. From 1982 until the appointment of the first Field Officer in 1989, the "Home Visitor" was Pam assisted by one or two ladies of the committee.

Pam has continued to play an active role as a committee member through to the present time. She was a member of the national council of the Parkinsonism Society of NZ Inc from 1983 to 1989 and she served a term as national Vice President.

Pam Mayall has been recommended for a Civic Award in recognition of her services to the community of Hamilton.


NAME: Mrs Margaret Price

NOMINATED FOR: People & Well-Being

Margaret was a Foundation Member of the Cambridge Citizens Advice Bureau. From 1984 to 1987 she was responsible for the basic training of new Volunteers in Hamilton, Cambridge and Frankton (Hamilton West) Bureau.

Margaret held the role of President at the Hamilton Bureau from 1987 until 1992 and then became the Co-ordinator - a position she still holds.

Some of her attributes include:

• The care with she takes with every new volunteer intake to make sure that they are given as fully a preparation as possible after training.

• Never raises her voice or loses her temper and is never unkind.

• Has a huge knowledge and experience in bureau work at all levels and this is willingly shared with all members.

• She has a gentle hand in upholding bureau standards and goes so much further that the standards herself.

• Attends meetings and networks with other organisations and Social Agencies which puts the Citizens Advice Bureau on the Map.

During all the years of her involvement with the Citizens Advice Bureau, her service to the community has been outstanding.


NAME: Mr Barry Pryce

NOMINATED FOR: Education, Environment , Enterprise

Barry Pryce is the founder of the Hamilton Organic Recycling Centre which is now known as Perry Environmental Ltd trading as the Hamilton Organic Centre.

The Centre was started in 1991 and was Barry's brainchild who saw an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

The center utilizes organic waste which causes methane problems in standard landfills and at the same time provides a grand source of organic material for domestic gardens, public gardens, golf courses and the like.

As well as taking organic materials, the center originally catered for the free recycling of plastics, aluminum, paper, cardboard and glass and it still does today.

The land was eventually bought by the Hamilton City Council and then leased by Barry and his wife Ana enabling them to expand the business.

Whilst there has since been a change of owners, thanks to public support the Organic Centre continues to grow and flourish.

Barry is recognized today for his pioneering work and wonderful vision.


NAME: Mrs Barbara Smith

NOMINATED FOR: Art & Culture

Barbara Smith was a foundation member and the first President of the Waikato Rivertones chorus which began in 1993. It is a chapter of Sweet Adelines International, an educational organisation that promotes the American art form of women's singing in the barbershop style, with unaccompanied four part harmony.

Barbara's musical talents, which include her work as a music teacher, piano teacher, choir trainer and instrumental accompanist equipped her perfectly for taking on the role of Musical Director of Waikato Rivertones Chorus in 1996. She has given of herself wholeheartedly to the betterment of the Chorus and her dedication, skill and professionalism have reaped rewards.

Under her leadership the Chorus has competed at the National Competitions gaining various awards but culminating in winning first and as a result having the opportunity of representing NZ and competing on the International stage in November this year in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Her passion for women's' barbershop singing extends also to you and she has promoted and introduced the craft to various secondary schools in Hamilton, such as Hamilton Girls High School, Melville High School, Fairfield College and St Peters School. She is currently the Young Women in Harmony co-ordinator for New Zealand.

Barbara is an outstanding educator; and a hardworking and dedicated Musical Director.


NAME: Mr Rod Smith

NOMINATED FOR: Art & Culture

Thanks largely to Rod Smith, Hamilton has, for the last 20 years, been privileged to enjoy performances by some of New Zealand's and the world's leading classical music instrumentalists and singers.

As a member of the Hamilton Chamber Music Society, he almost single-handedly makes contact with performers, arranges the publicity and hospitality for them, organizes world premiers for works by eminent composers and seeks always to extend the knowledge and appreciation of classical musical of the people of Hamilton and the surrounding area.

One amazing benefit, unique among the New Zealand Chamber Music Societies, and perhaps in the world, is that school-age children of the members have the privilege of free admission to the concerts. The flow-on effect of this cannot be underestimated. Children who are exposed to music of this quality will inevitably be enriched by it, and they in turn will be the performers and concert audiences of the future.

Chamber music is an important part of cultural life of the city and Hamilton would be the poorer without it. Rod Smith has never sought praise for doing something he obviously enjoys. He is modest and unassuming. Like all members of the committee he receives no monetary payments but has spent a great deal of time and effort securing performances for the city.

It is felt that he truly deserves to be recognized today as one of the cities "unsung heroes".


NAME: Mr Stewart Stanbridge

NOMINATED FOR: Art & Culture, Education

Stewart Stanbridge is the current Conductor of the Waikato Youth Symphonic Band having developed the band since his arrival in Hamilton in 1988. His wealth of musical knowledge has seen the band develop over the years into the top performing band it is today. Last year the band was the only New Zealand band to be invited to perform at the International Festival of Youth Music in Vienna.

Stewart's innovative approach has seen the band take the prestigious Robert Lutt award for overall excellence as well as Gold and Silver Awards at the New Zealand Concert Band Festivals for many years.

He is an integral part of the Waikato Itinerant Music Scheme travelling throughout the Waikato teaching a vast number of students per year. He is highly regarded by all the schools that he works in and many students have benefited from this tremendous input.

The Salvation Army would also be lost without his musical expertise both on a local front as well as nationally and internationally.

Stewart's enthusiasm never wanes; he is a constant inspiration to his students, an excellent mentor and role model. Stewart is self effacing; he asks little for himself and is a true giver within the music world.

He has been nominated for a Civic Award by the Waikato Youth Music Association Inc for the vast and tireless contribution he has made and continues to make to youth music within the greater Waikato.


NAME: Mrs Pamela Vester

NOMINATED FOR: People & Well-being

Pamela Vester's nomination for a Civic Award is supported by many different organizations.

Pamela has been a member of the St Francis Co-operating parish for over 13 years. During this time she has played a very supportive role. This has been mainly in the area of funeral catering where she provides a willing hand with the preparation of the fare and serving cups of tea, through to donation of her wonderful home baking.

As a valued member of the Hamilton Branch of Zipper Cardiac Support Group NZ for many years, Pam has been part of the Hospital Patient Support Group. This group makes themselves available to patients and caregivers prior to Cardiac Surgery and offers support pre operation and post operation. This work involves Pamela spending at least one full day a week at Waikato Hospital and this time is given without conditions and with care and understanding.

Pam has been a member of the Hamilton East Inner Wheel, an affiliated organisation to Rotary International, for over 15 years. Through its members, Inner Wheel has contributed to many charitable and social projects making at least one substantial contribution each year.

Pam's tireless efforts and patience have contributed to this successful fund raising and her warm, caring view on life is a constant incentive to her fellow members.

For the last three years, Pamela has also been a volunteer at the Save-the Children Shop. With her quiet friendly manner, Pam became a valued member of their team. She is totally reliable, very efficient and willing to step in at short notice when necessary.

Not only does she volunteer for the above groups, she also has found time to be involved with Meals on Wheels and Hospice Waikato.

Pam helps many people in many ways and today we recognize her contribution to our community.


NAME: Mr Colin Watson


For over 40 years Colin Watson has been actively support and promoting the interest of young hockey placers in Hamilton.

Colin's initial contributions were in coaching young players but his most sustained commitment has been in three decades of match umpiring and the training of junior umpires.

For more than 20 years Colin has focused on the training of school age players and umpires.

As an umpiring training and mentor Colin has shared what must now total hundreds of hours guiding, mentoring and supporting young umpires in the vagaries and skill of match officiating. As testimony to his long service some of his early trainees are now parents, coaches and senior umpires themselves. Yet still Colin's enthusiasm for the cause continues unabated.

In the past three years Waikato Hockey has achieved record growth in playing numbers. To provide for so many young players, competitions are staggered in time and location over various playing surfaces. During the winter Colin can still be found umpiring with and training aspiring umpires.

As a result, Colin Watson's voluntary contribution to the recruitment and training of umpires, remains as vital today as it was when he started on his labour of love with hockey umpiring over 35 years ago.


NAME: Mrs Lynley Wheaton

NOMINATED FOR: People & Well-being

Lynley Wheaton has been a Brownie Leader of St George's Brownie pack for thirty continuous years. Lyn is still as keen as ever with a roll as 20 girls which has been a stable number most of those years.

Lyn endeavours to teach 8 to 10 year old girls life skills. This includes taking the girls to camps each year, teaching them personal safety, community safety, crafts and many other useful skills.

The skills the girls learn are with them for life and often Brownies is the only place they learn these skills.

Lyn spends two hours at Brownies each Monday afternoon, several hours each week preparing for the Brownie session and regularly has to attend meetings. On top of this she attends Brownie camps, training camps and trainings sessions and helps with fund raising.

Lyn also acted as the District Co-ordinator for four months this year was our District Co-ordinator was unable to be it as well as Brownie Leader.

After 30 year's of service and continuous commitment she has provided to the community, it is fitting that Lyn is honoured with a Civic Award.

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