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In 2001 Civic Awards were presented to Phillip & Joan Battersby, Mrs Jean Beverly, Mrs Florence Blincoe, Mr David Alexander Buick, Mrs Muriel Churchill, Mrs Mabel Edwards, Mr Stephen Hine, Mrs Marie Kathleen Hutchinson, Mr Alec McNaughton, Mrs Elsie Nicolson, Mrs Marcia Kathleen Petley, Mr Owen Purcell, Mr William Andrew Ryan, Mr Andrew Walker Shearer, Mr Terry William Steenson.


NAME: Phillip & Joan Battersby

NOMINATED FOR: People & Well-Being

Phillip & Joan Battersby worked at the Barnabas Community House in Johnson Street, Dinsdale, for over eight years. Joan managed the opportunity shop as a volunteer and Phil was also a volunteer as the general roustabout, picking up and delivering furniture, and clothing etc when required. Both did this for five days a week and sometimes came in on Saturdays to restock or clean.

When the Nawton Community Association decided to re-open the old Salvation Army Family store at 105 Grandview Road, Nawton, which had closed in November 2000, Phil & Joan volunteered to help. They both worked 14-16 hour days, six days a week to prepare the shop for opening.

Since the shop opening on 2 April 2001, they both arrive at the shop at 7.00 am and leave at 4.00 pm five days a week.

Joan looks after 10 volunteers, preparing rosters and also uses Community Corrections and Community Service clients to do the ironing and keep the store tidy. Joan often comes in on a Saturday and cleans and restocks.

Phil, when he is at the shop, does pick ups and deliveries. Phil also drives the Nawton Community Centre's van which provides transport for seniors around the area.

Phil & Joan are true community spirited people as they always give "above and beyond the call of duty". Both are willing and diligent workers, and care very much for those in need.


NAME: Mrs Jean Beverly

NOMINATED FOR: People & Well-Being

Jean Beverly has been a volunteer for the Te Awhina Blind Craft and Social Club for 21 years and she is now 89.

Jean still drives, picks up and drops off members, and helps with craft two days per week. She also helps members with shopping or any other tasks that they need doing, including doing alterations to clothes etc which they are unable to do due to lack of vision.

Jean is always looking out for new ideas for our members to make craft materials. She often spends her own money to help members purchase craft materials.

Her commitment is such that last week she was named Art & Craft Volunteer of the Year at the Waikato Volunteer of the Year Awards.

Jean is a strong compassionate lady who has a heart of gold.

The world is a better place because of people like her who have been selfless in their service, without thought of reward.

A quote from L M Montgomery was used to describe her:

"This sad old world's a brighter place
All for the sunshine of her face".


NAME: Mrs Florence Blincoe

NOMINATED FOR: People & Well-Being

In her late sixties, Florence encouraged some of her fellow-parishoners in the Claudelands Anglican Parish to arrange regular sales of used clothing

The venture was established to help families that had been affected by industrial strikes that had taken place, but the venture soon developed into an ongoing outreach project that proved hugely beneficial to the residents of some of Hamilton's suburbs.

Florence's initiative became widely know and she soon began to receive donations of clothing from a wide variety of sources.

The efforts of Florence and her helpers have represented the most significant mission carried out in the Parish of Claudelands over recent years and only those who have been associated with her in some way, either as helpers or donors of clothing, have any idea of the huge time commitment that the project has entailed.

The venture has now ceased but Florence, at the age of 81, can feel extremely proud of the initiative she led for 15 years, which provided assistance and relief for many of the less advantaged in our community.

Although Florence is now no longer able to get about easily, she still knits and has a welcome for many she met in her role at the center. She quietly supports at least one family with meat packs and vegetables despite being on a pension herself.

Florence has always been dedicated to help those who are not so well off.


NAME: Mr David Alexander Buick

NOMINATED FOR: People & Well-Being

David Buick is a Foundation Member and Shareholder of Habitat for Humanity which was established in 1994. He was Chairman of the Hamilton Affiliate for the period during which the first seven building projects were completed. He has since held several roles within this organisation and has overseen volunteer crews and actively participated with physical labour on the building sites.

David has also been involved in other activities within the community only some of which will be mentioned:

During the year 2000, David taught ‘English as a Second Language' for the Fairfield Baptist Church.

He has worked tirelessly with Maori, young adults and teenage groups in Hamilton and outlying groups. He has assisted in the teenage outreach at Hamilton South Baptist and Oxford Street churches. As a member of the Bible in Schools Programme, David has been involved with Peachgrove Intermediate and Hamilton East Schools over many years.

He has provided a range of practical help from marriage and family counselling to financial mentoring - including work for the local Budget Advisory Agency. He is also a Marriage Celebrant.

David is a compassionate man who visits those who are old, lonely and vulnerable. He is always available for anyone who needs a helping hand or someone to talk to for encouragement and advice.

David Buick has provided a lifetime of contribution to his community. He is an example to all.


NAME: Mrs Muriel Churchill

NOMINATED FOR: People & Well-Being

Muriel Church moved to Hamilton in 1992 and immediately became actively involved in the life and worship at St Clare's Church. Muriel is now 85 and continues voluntary work in the parish at an astonishing level.

Until she gave up driving during 2000, she was involved in visiting people in their own homes and in hospital. She provided transport for a number of elderly parishioners to go to church, the Over 60s group at the University and any other events or outings they wished to go on.

She continues her pastoral care of people now with letters, cards, and phone calls.

For 3 years Muriel was one of the Volunteers in the Community Drop in Centre in Dinsdale. Muriel's listening skills and her wisdom made a significant difference to many of the people who visited the centre.

She has been a past driver for YWCA's Mobile Meals, a member of the Hamilton Action Group of the Bible Society and a Committee Member of the Parkinsons Society.

In her quiet unassuming way, Muriel supports and encourages an enormous number of people both in the parish and through her other activities. She epitomises the Christian values of humble, faithful service.


NAME: Mrs Mabel Edwards

NOMINATED FOR: People & Well-Being, Art & Culture, Education

Mabel Edwards has been a Maori Warden for the past 16 years working with the Hamilton City Community and has been the Kaumatua of the Waikato Maniapoto District Maori Wardens Assn for the past 12 years.

She teaches Te Reo Maori (Maori Language) and Tikanga (Maori Protocol) to various groups within Hamilton and assists the Youth at Risk Holiday Programmes teaching cooking, weaving, language and protocol.

Mabel assists with counseling whanau and, at times, is called out late at night to help needy families. She has been involved with Community initiatives including night patrol, has helped with marae and school functions and is employed as a part-time teacher for Kohanga reo. She is a representative on the Safer Hamilton Committee.

Mabel has also assisted the Nga Whare Awhina Charitable Trust for the past 10 years which provides a residential "Kaupapa Maori Service" in the community for clients suffering or inflicted with a mental illness. Here she also teaches Maori language and protocol, tribal affiliation and identity, which is of great importance to ones well-being.

Providing a Kaupapa Maori Service, Mabel has willingly imparted her knowledge, and shared her wisdom and skills to benefit people. She is supportive, willing and available anytime to assist in any way she can.

Mabel is admired for her ability to care for those who are less fortunate than herself.


NAME: Mr Stephen Hine


Stephen has been the driving force behind the Knighton Soccer Club, one of the larger junior soccer clubs in the Waikato, for the last thirteen years.

During the 13 years he has served on the Committee, he has been President, liaison person with the Waikato Soccer Association, has marked fields out, selected and placed children in all the teams and coached at least one team each year.

He was instrumental in developing the Hillcrest-Knight 9th Grade tournament that annually brings 500+ players together from all over the Waikato.

An indication of respect with which Stephen is held is his ability to draw top high school and university players out to coach his teams.

Stephen is very dedicated to the game of soccer and brings a very high level of organisational skills to his role.

He is the contact person for all children and parents and is always approachable, friendly, helpful and diplomatic no matter what the situation. He also takes on extra roles when no parents are available.

There has been universal support for his nomination for a Civic Award.


NAME: Mrs Marie Kathleen Hutchinson

NOMINATED FOR: People & Well-Being

Marie Hutchinson has worked tirelessly for the benefit of our community over the past 12 years.

Since 1988 Marie has provided voluntary Supervision and some training for all of the counsellors at Lifeline (formerly Youthline). She has made herself available to counsellors at all hours of the day and night, 365 days of the year, for support and encouragement when needed.

Marie has also given 12 years of service to the Lifeline Professional Practices committee. This committee meets monthly and oversees the practices and counselling principles and day-to-day running of the organisation.

She has also worked with students at the Polytech (or Waikato Institute of Technology as it is now known) to set up a web site for Lifeline.

Marie has covered many telephone shifts at Lifeline over the years especially at times such as holidays and weekends when others have been unavailable, giving generously of her time and expertise.

There are hundreds of people in the community who have benefited in gaining skills and personal growth through her caring and generosity. Marie has been a wonderful role model and mentor for many people in Hamilton. Her contribution to Lifeline has been invaluable.


NAME: Mr Alec McNaughton

NOMINATED FOR: People & Well-Being

Alec McNaughton has been Treasurer of the Hamilton Hearing Assn for most of the last 12 years. He prepares monthly financial accounts, annual accounts and oversees the office and cleaning staff wages, and is involved in the general branch day to day running.

He also helps with the building and ground maintenance and has recently single handedly painted a room attached to the garage for use as a consulting room.

Alec is always available to the staff to advise with any problems relating to pricing and other financial problems.

In addition to working for the Hearing Assn, he has undertaken other community work:

For the last 15 years, Alec has been active in the Hamilton City Pakeke Lions and is its present Secretary. He has been President and is always ready to help in any way - selling daffodils, helping with fundraising ventures, organising the book fair etc.

For 15 years, he has helped in the Presbyterian Social Services Opportunity Shop in Liverpool Street.

For the last 5-6 years, Alec has:
• helped out as a Reader/Writer for the exams at St Paul's Collegiate for pupils who have reading/writing difficulties.
• collected and taken residents of Hamilton to the Trevellyn Day Care to give their families respite care.
• He checks tapes for the Blind Institute fortnightly on Thursdays.

And for the last year, Alec helped at the foodbank two Fridays a month picking up parcels and delivering them to various residents in Hamilton.

What a wonderful record of community service to a wide variety of organizations.


NAME: Mrs Elsie Nicolson

NOMINATED FOR: People & Well-Being

Elsie Nicolson has been supporting the children of Hamilton for the past 15 years.

For most of the years that Parentline has been working as a social service agency, Elsie has regularly donated food for the children. Unstintingly she goes to the supermarket and purchases food and has it delivered to the Parentline Agency. They are only one of several recipients of her generosity; local schools and other agencies also have their needy children catered for.

When Christmas arrives, Elsie buys and wraps parcels suitable for children and delivers these to Parentline for distribution.

Although Elsie is not able to do Social Work, Counselling or Therapy, she can provide other necessities like food, warm clothes, appropriate toys and gifts so that children feel valued and cared for and caregivers feel supported. Elsie is unstinting in sharing her resources and actively encourages others to also do so to help children.

Parentline is regularly phoned, and other agencies are as well, by this amazing woman to ask if they know of any children or families who are in need of basic requirements as she would like to provide what is needed.

She is a very special lady who leads the way as a Child Advocate and has an absolute passion for children.


NAME: Mrs Marcia Kathleen Petley


Marcia Petley has done voluntary work for athletics for more than 40 years.

In fact, here were so many of her activities on her resume, that we could not summarise them all and have elected to mention her more recent work.

In 1981 Marcia decided to start competing herself once again, and as well as doing all her voluntary jobs she started competing on the track as a Veteran Athlete.

By 1982 she was on the Committee of the Waikato Association of Veteran Athletes and in 1984 became the Secretary of the Association - 17 years later she is still the Secretary and earlier this year was elected to the Executive Committee of the NZ Assn of Veteran Athletes.

She has also volunteered to work as Assistant Track Manager for the NZ teams to Buffalo, Gateshead, Durban and Brisbane and has also volunteered to be a NZ delegate to the World Council meetings over more than 10 years as well as being a Delegate to the World Women's Council.

She has considerable success as a veteran athlete, taking silver and bronze in the 400 m, the 800 m and the Triple Jump at numerous World Veteran Track & Field Championships.

Marcia still finds time to help other veteran athletes with their training, and over the last few years has coached several with their track work.

Marcia organised the Athletics Section of the South Pacific Masters Games in 2000 and this year is on the organising for the 2002 meeting.

She assists with the Parafed Athletic Meetings for the disabled as sell as the Special Olympic Meetings.

Marcia has spent a large part of her life assisting athletes. She is 72 years of age, still competing herself, doing her secretarial & club duties, and working as an official.


NAME: Mr Owen Purcell

NOMINATED FOR: People & Well-Being

Owen Purcell has been a volunteer for the Frankton/Dinsdale Rauawa Awa Trust who has given tirelessly over many years.

The Trust obtained from the Maori Hostel Society, Te Puna O Te Ora, formally known as "The Anchorage".

The facility was run down and in need of major renovation work. Owen has spent hours working on site and he still continues to contribute today.

His honesty and commitment in supporting other Trustees to obtain the organsation's vision is to be commended.

Owen has acted in the roles of Secretary, and Treasurer for the Trust. He continues to volunteer his time representing the Trust on many initiatives that involve the well-being of Kaumatua and Kuia in the city.

Until his recent resignation, Owen was a founding member of the Safer Communities Council which was formed in 1994.

He has also been involved with the City West Activity Centre Trust since its inception. The Activity Centre was established for "at risk" young people who were not succeeding in mainstream education. Owen's previous police experience and insight into youth issues provided sound judgment and expertise in directing the Trustees.

Owen Purcell's support has enhanced the lives of many young people over the years, which has resulted in a better community for all to live in.


NAME: Mr William Andrew Ryan

NOMINATED FOR: People & Well-Being

Andy Ryan has been a strong supporter of the Catholic Church in Hamilton for many years. This has led to his involvement with the establishment and ongoing association with Assisi Home and Hospital.

He was actively involved in the major fundraising campaign to raise sufficient money to allow Assisi to be built debt free, with assistance from subsidies from the government. He has over the years arranged galas to raise money to support the elderly at Assisi. He is currently chairperson of the Board of Directors.

Andy's community service is not limited to his work at Assisi.

He has been a member of the Hamilton Operatic Society for more than 50 years, taking part in numerous shows, both in chorus and cast.

Andy is a very able singer and entertains in many resthomes and clubs, and has been active in church choirs.

He is involved in the Rotarian movement.

Andy is a member of the Catholic Family Support Board and is currently its Chairman. He is also the Advisor to the Bishop and Diocese of Hamilton in matters pertaining to land.

Over and above these responsibilities, Andy has also undertaken various charity fundraising roles.

Andy Ryan has been recommended for a Civic Award in recognition of his services to the community of Hamilton.


NAME: Mr Andrew Walker Shearer

NOMINATED FOR: Art & Culture

Andrew Shearer's commitment to the community through the Lions Club has been over a period of 37 years. He has been President twice and held many positions in the Club.

In all positions, Andy has been extremely active with a sympathetic awareness to the needs of citizens, our city of Hamilton and its environs.

Andy's untiring service has always been at his own expense, always carried out graciously and compassionately, with a deep feeling of helping those less fortunate than himself.

Not only has Andy been committed to the community in general, he has provided a huge amount of assistance to various music groups within the Waikato:

For the Institute of Registered Music Teachers of NZ, he has continuously provided rooms at his music store for meetings, supported annual scholarships generously with prize money, assisted with advertising activities and supplied the Registered Music Teachers lists. He is their most supportive benefactor.

For the Waikato Organ Society, he has loaned and arranged delivery of his company's top of the range organ for functions and has played whenever requested, always at no cost.

For the Hamilton Competitions Society (Inc) & Te Awamutu Competitions Society, he has provided scholarships, lent pianos and pianofortes and promoted events. Andy is very interested in developing young talent.

On a recent tour though Vienna and the UK with the Waikato Youth Symphonic Band, he proved to be a wonderful asset when instruments were damaged or lost. He had a very sympathetic ear and gave inspiring and helpful advice - his resources were amazing.

Indeed, Andy Shearer is a true gentleman and an asset to our community.


NAME: Mr Terry William Steenson


For 15 years Terry has given his time, his knowledge and his understanding of coaching children through to adults to the Judo Club without asking for anything in return other than commitment to training.

He teaches 3 classes twice a week from beginners through to teenagers and adults as well as giving up a majority of his weekends as all Judo Tournaments are on a Sunday.

The Metro Judo Club has never attended a tournament without him there as the coach with his wonderful support and caring for all players.

During 2001, Metro has won close to 100 medals here and in Australia which is a wonderful result underpinning the commitment shown by Terry.

Terry is always looking new ideas to keep children interested and to keep them in the sport. He has taught many 6 to 7 years olds who are still competing now as teenagers and young adults.

Due to the loss of a coach, Terry is also travelling every Monday night to Tokoroa to coach 13 children and will continue to do so until they manage to find another coach.

Terry has touched the lives and made a difference to countless numbers of children throughout his continual huge voluntary commitment to coaching

The following special testimonial was forwarded with his nomination and really sums up his dedication:

"Terry Steenson helped me to develop my self esteem and confidence while I was doing Judo. When I was doing Judo he made learning fun for the students. There also was a lot of discipline. Thanks for being a great coach Terry."

Signed: Kama Armstrong.

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