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In 2012 Civic Awards were presented to Robert (Bob) Anderson, Francis Charleton, Bruce Clarke, Lillian Kershaw, Avis Leeson, Vicki Signal, Catherine Smith, Melis Van der Sluis, on 14 December 2012 by Mayor Julie Hardaker.

 Contributions to the arts sector, the environment and the wellbeing of Hamilton communities were recognised on 14 December 2012 at Hamilton City Council’s 2012 Civic Awards.

Eight Civic Awards were presented by Mayor Julie Hardaker, in an annual ceremony which takes place in the Council Chamber every December following nominations received from members of the community.

Mayor Hardaker says the 2012 recipients come from a range of backgrounds and professional areas, and all have made a significant difference to the lives of many Hamiltonians, or the city’s natural environment.

“The eight recipients demonstrate some wonderful qualities – commitment to causes and community, tireless work in their fields and with community groups, and inspirations efforts which have genuinely touched people’s lives,” Mayor Hardaker says.

“It is wonderful for the city to recognise and celebrate the contributions these people have made.”

Today’s event also included the presentation of Certificates of Appreciation to six Sacred Heart Girls’ College students, who in October went to the aid of an elderly woman whose life was endangered when her mobility scooter went over a bank and into the Waikato River.

“These young womens’  efforts on that day, in going to the rescue, showed the spirit, thoughtfulness and level-headedness their teachers instil in them.”

2012 Hamilton Civic Awards

The full list of recipients is as follows:

2012 Civic Awards

Robert (Bob) Anderson – People and Wellbeing
Francis Charleton – People and Wellbeing
Bruce Clarke – Sport
Lillian Kershaw – Arts and Culture
Avis Leeson – Environment
Vicki Signal – People and Wellbeing
Catherine Smith – Environment, Arts and Culture
Melis Van der Sluis – Arts and Culture

Certificate of Appreciation
Anna Baik
Alisa Heta
Waiaria Putaranui-Henderson
Jessica Peden
Kya Watene
Jessica Tait

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2012 Hamilton Civic Awards

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