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Hamilton in the late 1950's

In 1959 Nancye, Joe and their family were relocated to a house in Bader Street, Melville, and watched the new school, Richmond Park School, being built there; this has now closed down. The eldest children started school here.

When Joe became Principal of the new Insoll Avenue School in 1962 they built their own house in Beech Crescent, Hillcrest. The school started off with quite a small role (72) but this gradually grew to over 700 children. Nancye's life changed quite a bit as she was heavily involved with activities associated with the school.

The Hamilton Gardens site was then a rubbish dump and they watched the Gardens being built. Nancye would take the children in a pushchair to Wellington Beach, and from there watched Cobham Drive being built.

In 1959 they bought a new car, a Hillman Minx, and Nancye got her driver's licence. As teenagers the children went to Hamilton Boys' and Hamilton Girls' schools. "As teenagers we trusted them, they went to picture theatres, parties and a dance hall in Gordonton Road, or to the Beach at Waihi or Mount Maunganui".

The Red Rooster, in Victoria Street North, was just about the only restaurant in Hamilton at the time. The railway line crossed Victoria Street and cars just had to line up and wait when trains went through.

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