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Named for the views of the Waikato River.

Riverview Terrace

The land was part of Captain East's militia grant.  A short spur off the end of what is now Tamihana Ave was part of the original Flo Street which had been formed by the 1940s. That spur was re-aligned and absorbed into the new Riverview Terrace c.1954.  The land owner at the time was R.W. Gummer. (Lands and Survey Dept). Riverview Terrace was known for sometime as Bridgeview Terrace. Riverview was the name of Andrew Casey's estate.

Riverview Terrace loops from River Road south to Tamihana Avenue which runs from links Casey Avenue to the east and curves to the west onto River Road.


Lands and Survey Dept.

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Riverview Terrace

Name:Riverview Terrace
Subject:Street names - New Zealand - Hamilton