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Abbotsford Street was named in 1864 (Crown Grant), but there is no documentary evidence to indicate who or what it was named after.

Abbotsford Street was a 1864 Crown Grant (Lands & Surveys), named by civic leaders, surveyors and residents (HBC Minutes).  There is no documentary evidence to indicate why the street was named Abbotsford Street, but it can be assumed that it is after the English town of Abbotsford (HCL).

The photograph above was retrieved from Google maps streetview c. 2011.  The street is located here on Google maps.


Hamilton Borough Council (1864). Minutes. Hamilton, New Zealand.

Hamilton City Libraries (2011). Heritage street name index cards. Hamilton, New Zealand.

New Zealand Lands and Surveys Department. Survey map. (1864)

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Abbotsford Street

City:Hamilton, New Zealand
Name:Abbotsford Street
Subject:Street names - New Zealand - Hamilton