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Bryce Street was named by Hamilton Borough Council in 1910 after John Bryce, M.P. for Waikato (1890-91) and Minister of Native Affairs.


Bryce Street is located in Hamilton, New Zealand.  It was named by Hamilton Borough Council in 1910 (HBC minutes) after John Bryce who was a Minister of Parliament for: Wanganui (1866-67, 1870-1881), Waitotara (1881-87), Waipa (1889-90) and Waikato (1890-91) and Minister of Native Affairs (1879-81, 1881-84).  As Minister of Native Affairs Mr. Bryce advocated firm action against the Maori over land issues. (Wikipedia)

Bryce Street was originally named Grey Street (Lands & Surveys). It was renamed Bryce Street by Hamilton Borough Council in 1910 when part of Heaphy Terrace was renamed Grey Street East. (HCL)

The above photograph is looking west on Bryce Street c. 1939. (HCL_01193)  The businesses on the north side of the street (from left) are: Salvation Army Hall, Jas J Niven Engineers.  Jas J. Niven occupies the dark building with three gables and the adjacent white building.  Next to these buildings is a sign that reads, "Europa Lube" well known New Zealand petrol product. (HCL)  Bryce Street is located here on Google maps.


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Bryce Street

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