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Alma Street was named 1912-20 by the Crown Grant Council. There is no documented reference to the source of the name, but it is believed to have been named after the Alma Battle in the Crimean War.

Eugenie Place was a crown grant in Hamilton, New Zealand.  (Lands & Surveys)  It was originally named Eugenie Place in 1894 by Hamilton Borough Council, but changed the name to Alma Street in 1912-20. (HBC) There are no references as to what the street is named after but there is speculation that it was named after the Alma Battle in the Crimean War which took place near the Alma River in Southeast Crimea. (Encyclopedia Britannica p. 760) (HCL)

The above photograph (Hamilton City Libraries #1927) is the municipal office building which is located at the end of Alma Street.  It was built in 1927 and opened 22 October 1932.  For a while it was the home of Radio New Zealand (1ZH 99.3) and when the station relocated it was restored to its original facade and has been home to various businesses (Hamilton City Libraries).  Alma Street is located here on Google maps.


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Alma Street

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