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Hamilton Malayalee Association Inc.

Kerala, one of the smallest states in the Republic Of India was formed in 1956. People from Kerala are called Malayalees. Kerala is listed in the Top 50 Must-See Destinations of a Lifetime by National Geographic Traveller.

In modern times the Malayalees have migrated in large numbers to different parts of the globe for employment, education, business and have adapted themselves seamlessly into local societies. The literacy rate in Kerala is over 95% - one of the highest in India. The professionals of Kerala are among the most sought-after experts in the fields of medicine, information technology and engineering. The contribution by the Malayalee diaspora to the Kerala economy is immense.

Hamilton lies in the central North Island of New Zealand and is the biggest inland city. Hamilton's earlier settlers - Maori from the Tanui Waka - called the area Kirikiriroa, which means long "strip of gravel". The name Kirikiriroa was changed to Hamilton in honour of Captain John Charles Fane Hamilton, a Crimean and Waikato war veteran, who was killed in 1864. Now, Hamilton is a multi-cultural city with over 80 international groups representing about 65 counties of origin.

Hamilton Malayalee Association attempts to coordinate the interests of Malayalees in the Waikato region and bridge the activities of various Malayalee and other organisations in New Zealand.


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