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Hamilton Kerala Samajam Inc. is a non-profit organisation of people of Kerala ancestry (also known as Malayalees) living in Hamilton. The overarching purpose of the Samajam is to foster personal relationship and promote cultural identity among Malayalees living in Hamilton.Also visit our new website



We, Malayalees cherish our social, cultural and religious inheritance. We celebrate our inherited values as different festivals like Vishu, Easter, Onam, Christmas etc. The Samajam through these festivals tries to preserve and nurture the Malayalee culture and to bring up the younger generation of members within the cultural heritage. In addition, the Samajam organises various sports activities, recreational activities and also help new Malayalee immigrants settle down in Hamilton. We hope by safeguarding and promoting cultural identity among Malayalees, we have plenty to contribute to the social and cultural environment of New Zealand.


Hamilton Kerala Samajam was established on 1st February 2006 realising the dream and aspiration of Malayalees settled in Hamilton for several years to form an organisation to preserve and promote our cultural identity. Since that time, Samajam has worked consistently to support members and Malayalees in Hamilton and has a strong history of quality program delivery and of encouraging innovation and creative cultural expression in traditional arts and sports.


Membership is restricted to people of Kerala ancestry living in and around Hamilton. We have around 250 members and it is growing.

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Executive Committee
The Samajam is administered by the Executive Committee elected annually by members.
The current Executive Committee are:

  1. Mr. Jeevan Syril Mathews- President
  2. Mr. Paulson Joseph - Vice President
  3. Mr. Shine Antony- Secretary
  4. Mr. Varghese Thomas- Joint Secretary
  5. Mr. Jacob James- Treasurer
  6. Mr. Pratheesh Jospeh- Committee Member
  7. Mr. Benny Varkey- Committee Member
  8. Mr. John Xavier- Committee Member
  9. Ms. Steffi Varghese- Committee Member


Family gathering
The first Saturday of every month is earmarked by the Executive Committee to conduct family get-togethers. Various entertainment and fun activities, along with informative Seminars, are held during these family gatherings which the members and their children enjoy to the full. We are proud that these gatherings bring out communal harmony and are helping Samajam in finding new talents in Arts and Sports. Members also gather at Hamilton West School every Friday evenings for group discussions, club meetings and training in various arts and sports.

Easter-Vishu Celebration
Vishu, a harvest festival of Kerala, and Easter are celebrated with all its fervour and devotion every year by Samajam by holding a four hour long function in the month of April.

Onam Celebrations
Onam, the national festival of Kerala which is the only festival celebrated by all Malayalees irrespective of caste, creed or religion, is celebrated every year with the same spirit as it is celebrated in our native land. A month long celebration culminates in a whole day celebration with various native sports and games competitions  along with arts competition. The floral arrangement (Athappookalam)brings colour to the function. The high light of the function is the traditional Onam Sadhya (onam feast) which comprises of 28 mouth watering dishes served on banana leaves.

Christmas Celebrations
Christmas is also celebrated every year with traditional carol singing, nativity plays and various cultural activities in the month of December.

Youth and Family Camp
A youth and family camp is arranged every year to nurture our youth to imbibe the Malayalee culture and the family camp emphasises on strengthening family relationships and community.


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