The beautiful plates, dishes and vases produced by porcelain artists have undoubted heirloom value because of their individuality  - each article carrying the signature and incorporating some of the personality of the artist.

Display  by porcelain artist Margaret LithgowChina painters start out with a blank article of porcelain. This can be anything at all - a plate, cup, vase or ornament. Firstly, a design is marked on the porcelain, either by freehand or by tracing. Next, the paints are mixed with oil and applied to the porcelain with another thinning medium, and the article is given its first firing at around 800 degrees Celsius. This sets the picture and then colour is built up by successive paintings followed by firings. If gold paint is used this must be put on last. It can be a lengthy and fairly expensive process, but most of the group manage to sell work privately to fund their hobby. Members of the group have displayed and sold work at numerous events, including the 1971 World Rose Show which was hosted in Hamilton.

Waikato Porcelain Artists Association

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Arohena - the original group.
The association was formed in August 1969, in Te Awamutu. At its height the association had over 100 members.

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Te Awamutu china painters.

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