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Vanakkam Everyone,

I trust you are all keeping well and looking forward to Deepavali. 

The following members were elected to the Executive positions of Tamil Society Waikato Inc. for the 2013-2014 Financial year at the Annual General Meeting held on 19.10.2013.

President: Krishnan Rengasamy – Phone number - 8395652(H), 021 859 759 (Mobile)
Vice-President: Dr.Thea Sothieson - Phone number - 855 5850
Secretary: Vijay Ponnusamy - Phone number - 021 293 3897 
Treasurer:  Kalarathan Kandiah - Phone number - 022 676 4383 
Editor: Saravana Perumal - Phone number - 027 722 2205
Executive Committee Member 1: Duraiswamy Mudaliar - Phone number - 021 230 2670
Executive Committee Member 2: Dr.Nirushini Sathiyakumar - Phone number - 021 204 4466
Executive Committee Member 3: Rabindranath Kannaiyan - Phone number - 021 494 313
Executive Committee Member 4: Vishnu Kanakarajan - Phone number - 021 037 1480

Nagan Suppiah was appointed as Auditor

On behalf the TSW Team, I wish to express our thanks to TSW members who have elected us and placed their trust in our ability to run the affairs of Tamil Society Waikato for 2013-2014 year. We wish to accomplish the tasks in front of us, as always with your cooperation and goodwill.

The coming year is going to be busy one, as we are looking forward to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the coming together of the Waikato Tamil Community from its humble beginnings in 1989.. For those of you who are particular about the incorporation and the legal status of Tamil Society Waikato, it will turn 20 years old next year. Whichever way you are inclined to view these things the significance of either of these milestones cannot be passed without some form of celebration.

Therefore in the weeks and months to come we will be in touch with you to share our thoughts and more importantly to listen to your ideas as to the best way of celebrating these events. You can e-mail your ideas to any one of the team members or if you like to have a chat, that’s fine too.

In the meantime we wish you a very happy Deepavali. May the good lord shower his blessings upon you and your loved ones.

Kind regards
On behalf of TSW Team for 2013-2014

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