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Tamil Society was founded in 1989 by the following families: Dr S. S. Rajan, Dr. R. Somaskanthan, N. Sritharan, N. Suppiah, Dr. Yogasagaran, S. Balanthan, I. Casmir (Navaratnam) and Dr. S. Selvakumar.
In 1994, the society was registered as "Tamil Society Waikato Incorporated" under the Societies Act. Current membership includes about 60 families and individuals. Membership is not restricted to Tamils and anyone interested in Tamil language and culture are welcome to apply for membership. The society caters for people living in Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions. Most of our members are immigrants from India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and Fiji.

 Aims & Objectives
The main aims of the Society are:
• To foster the advancement of Tamil culture, language and literature;
• To establish links amongst the Tamil speaking people living in the Waikato area, elsewhere in New Zealand and in other parts of the world so that information on matters of common interest may be exchanged and fraternal feelings fostered;
• To foster harmonious links between the Tamils and other sections of the New Zealand community;

Our Activities & Functions

We celebrate Thai Pongal (harvest festival or thanks giving day), Kalai Vizha (cultural festival), Navarathiri, Dheepavali (festival of lights), Christmas. Every other year, the Kalai Vizha takes the form of Muththamizh Vizha with programmes covering the three major aspects of Tamil language and culture (iyal, isai and nadagam).
Cultural and Language Education
We also run Tamil language and music classes weekly during school terms.

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Welcome to Tamil Society Waikato Inc


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Vanakkam Everyone,  I trust you are all keeping well and looking forward to Deepavali.  The following members were
Welcome to Tamil society Waikato
Vanakkam Everyone, I trust you are all keeping well and looking forward to Deepavali.  The following members were elected to the Executive
Muthamil Vizha 2005.
Tamil Society Waikato has been presenting the 'Muthamil Vizha' once in two years since 1989 and this is our 8th
Kalai Vizha - 2006.
"தமிழின் மேன்மை தொன்மையில் இல்லை தொடர்ச்சியில் உள்ளது" - மு. நெடுமாறன்
MUTHAMIL VIZHA - 23.02.1997
indigo festival 2010 Kummi Dance.
Tamil Society members participated in the Indigo festival 2010

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Muthamil Vizha - 23.02.1997.

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