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Pakistan Association of New Zealand Waikato is the only true representation of the Pakistani origin in Waikato.

PANZ Waikato’s vision is to provide a single platform for Pakistani community in Waikato region to link and network with each other and the wider community of Aotearoa. It aims to have an inclusive approach and work with all other groups, organisations and ethnicities to develop a stronger bond.


It recognises diverse range of skills and potential the members of our community have and would like to build pathways and avenues for them to further grow within the context of New Zealand as a proud Pakistani origin.


PANZ Waikato believes that it is important to have support systems within our community so that all members of our community feel supported and connected. By bringing the people and the skill sets together we can be seen as a cohesive, contributing and essential part of the New Zealand society.


PANZ Waikato will help our young community members to integrate in the New Zealand society yet keeping their identity by providing them opportunities to be involved in the events and activities New Zealand offers to fellow citizens.  We as a community must empower them and grow them as future leaders in all walks of life. This can only be achieved by connecting the entire community together, we can be more effective and develop systems to enable each and every member to have a voice, support and role so that they feel valued. 


PANZ Waikato team is appointed based on their proven ability to lead, guide and perform in the best interest of the community. They come from different areas of expertise and are willing to invest their time and energy to bring the community together and represent it on a national level.


Please goto our Facebook page to know about us more

Best Regards

Ali Shabbir

PANZ Waikato Head

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