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My poetry, my gift to a wonderful 150 year old City

150th Year of Hamilton City: A literary gift from the Philipiines

Paul W Alforque

GDL, University of Waikato, April 2014


A place of tranquility was significant for the Europeans and the Maori, in Kirikiriroa they settled and converted the swamp into a convenient territory.

The City was blessed with abundance of water, a gift which was given by the divine Waikato River.


1864 was not a lonely year for the soon-to-be City, the Kingitanga War were one of its important and memorable contemporary.

24 years after the signing of the Treaty, settlers of the village were flourishing under the auspices of tough yet wonderful history.

The place was named to a soldier's honour, and William Moule memorialised Captain Hamilton's valour.


Hamilton City is a home of many cultures from different places, the Indians, Chinese, Asians, and the British.

When Hone Heke first signed the Treaty, multiculturalism was then adopted as a part of national policy.


The City is a place of natural beauty where crawling and flying species lived in harmony; businesses and institutions in the West, gardens and industries in the East.

Home of many notable people in sports, arts, science, music and education, they were fruits of a 150 years of progressive civilisation.

Happy 150th Birthday Hamilton City, neither cakes nor candles I can give thee; my intangible gift will be my participation in your wonderful history.

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