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A statues of Captain John Fane Charles Hamilton was gifted to the city by the Gallagher Group in March 2013. Captain Hamilton's statue given to city  by Jenna Lynch. Waikato Times, 11 March 2013.
To think we protested against fee increases in 1999! That's the thing about student fees.. they never go down.
I have heard it said that Whampoa Fraser (Hamilton Tech. Principal) paid a shilling a load for soil to be delivered to the site of the new Fraser-Tech rugby grounds
My father joined the NZ Rifle Brigade at its inceeption in 1915, and travelled via Egypt in time to join the Battle of The Somme in September 1916. He continued
I hav just given an interview regarding the theatre Royala and also remember the Civi (built like a tudor building) the state, Regent and the Roxy.  I am the grandaughter