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Hamilton in the late 1950's In 1959 Nancye, Joe and their family were relocated to a house in Bader Street, Melville, and watched the new school, Richmond Park School, being built there;
Moving house in the 1950's and 1960's Nancye desribes how when moving house in the 1950's and 1960's it was usual to take your carpets and linoleum with you. After
When Nancye's father-in-law died, her mother-in-law moved to Hamilton and built a house in Avalon Drive. Nancye's husband was an only child and she describes how for 16 years every
Hamilton City Libraries Oral History Programme, Interview with: Mrs Ola Toimata, Accession no: OH0084, Date: 4 Dec 1990. Interviewed by Bill Lovell-Smith as part of the Taking root in a
In an interview on 31 August 2010 pam talks about the Hamilton Scottish Country Dance Society, how she came to join the club, and her involvement over the last 36