NZ Ethnic Social Services Trust Waikato is a branch of New Zealand Ethnic Social Services Trust which has operated in Auckland since 1999. Our aim is to support all ethnics, migrants and refugees to settle into the New Zealand way of life whilst retaining and developing their own cultural heritage. NZESS Waikato wishes to work alongside the community in order to assist and support families and individuals who are having difficulties and/or family issues, using our experience and knowledge of culture and tradition, the stresses and family dynamics caused by settling into a new country and issues that arise for families, parents and children once they have been in New Zealand for a period of time. We provide bi-lingual Learner Driving Courses, individualized culturally appropriate Parenting and Relationship Courses, Budgeting advice, Farsi language courses and Creative Therapy using art.

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Healthy Eating Healthy Action (HEHA).
We offer healthy cooking on a budget classes through HEHA project
Recreation and Sports .
NZESS Trust Waikato holds sporting events and activities for youth, women and families every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.
Insurance Advice.
NZESS Trust Waikato partners with various insurance companies every month, to deliver insurance advice and workshops to educate individuals on
NZESS Trust Waikato offers budgeting advice sessions for all families every Tuesday and Thursday between 10:00am and 2:00pm.
NZESS Trust Waikato offers road code teaching lessons in five different languages: Urdu, Pashto, English, Somali and Farsi. The high
NZESS Waikato offers various language classes aimed at improving your vocabulary and retaining the ability to converse in that language.
After School Activities and Homework .
NZESS Trust Waikato runs after school homework help and activity sessions for high school students.
Group Photos.
NZ Ethnic Social Services Waikato offers creative therapy sessions for mentally impaired individuals and for people who have encountered emotional

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