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Hamilton City Libraries Oral History Programme, Interview with: Tafao'imalo Simanu, Accession no: OH0096, Date: 16 November 1990. Interviewed by Rev. Mose S Atimalala as part of the Taking Root in a new land Oral history project 1990

Mr Tafao'imalo Simanu spoke mainly on settling in New Zealand; and the way his own people ought live and behave here in New Zealand, let alone other foreign land.
His coming to New Zealand, like most Samoans and other Pacific Islanders who have taken up residence here, is to seek a better life, not that they were poorer back home, but to seek a more convenient life style apart from the slower and disciplinary life they were brought up in.
He spoke of the difficulties he faces in adapting to the new ways, and the newer friends, let alone the newer kind of daily chores-work. The time rule all was Mr Simanu's new found experience; whereas when he was in his homeland, things run by one's own choosing, not the other way around.
Again, like Mr Leilua (OH0094) Mr Simanu is hopeful that people from Samoa, can retain their customs and values, so as to serve them well in a foreign land. And in doing so, he feels confident that this is a major factor in stabilising Samoans to a newer environment, thus giving them greater usefulness in the running of their individual community where they are.
One last factor in their appraisal was the Samoans' religion. As was their way of life back home, it ought not to be abandoned in any way whatsoever; for in its existence, the whole family unity sprung up from; the spirit of the community, takes its roots from. It is the number one factor in any Samoan's life-to be involved in his religion, Christian religion that is.
In summary, they both agree on the family unity in New Zealand; the Church retention, and the upholding of the matai system, as a guiding rod for all the Samoans.

Tafao'imalo Simanu - Oral history

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Tafao'imalo Simanu

First Names:Tafao'imalo
Last Name:Simanu
Place of Birth:Samoa