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David talks about growing up and living in Hamilton, serving the community of Hamilton as MP since 2005

David Bennett 2. Name
David Allister Bennett 
Allister and Mary Bennett
• Born in Hamilton on 28-10-70
• Raised on a farm at Te Awamutu
• Attended St John's College, Hamilton
• Studied at Victoria University in Wellington
• Worked in Auckland and Te Awamutu before becoming the MP for Hamilton East
Living in Hamilton
I live in Claudelands, Hamilton East. It is an area that has remained aesthetically very much the same over recent years but is increasingly becoming an area populated by young families that wish to take advantage of its proximity to the central city and education opportunities. The new events centre will further change the area.
Change in Hamilton
Hamilton has significantly increased its population since the 60's and 70's. This change in population has meant more facilities and opportunities for Hamilton. It also means a higher profile for the city as it is now seen as one of the major metropolitan centres in New Zealand.
Special events
Many events have retained their importance to the city such as Fieldays but others are new or growing in importance, such as the V8s and the advent of super rugby with the Chiefs franchise have meant new events in our city.
Changes over the years
Hamilton has grown into a major metropolitan centre in New Zealand. We are positioned very nicely to take advantage of the population and economic growth of the Golden Triangle of New Zealand. The area of Hamilton, Tauranga and Auckland will be central to New Zealand's future economic growth. This is an opportunity for Hamilton to take advantage of our location in the fastest growing area of the country.
Association with groups in the city
As a growing city, Hamilton will represent the demographic change of our region and country. The growing influence and size of the Chinese and Indian communities will continue and expand dramatically in future years. We are also able to boast African, South American and other Asian countries populations in our city. This diversity is something we celebrate and want to encourage as we build a bigger and brighter city.
Being an MP
It is an honour to serve the people of Hamilton East. The National party has a rigorous selection process for the nomination. I was fortunate to be elected in 2005 and get re-elected in 2008 as part of the National Government.
In conclusion, Hamilton has grown significantly into a major metropolitan centre. As a result of this, we have a much more diverse and vibrant city. We are also extremely well placed to take advantage of New Zealand's future growth due to our central location in the Golden Triangle of growth. Hamilton has a very proud past and an exciting and strong future ahead of us. We truly are the city of the future.

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David Bennett MP

First Names:David
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