Victoria Street Hamilton

 Goods train crossing Victoria Street 1959

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Queens Avenue.
There is no documentary evidence to indicate why this street was named Queens Avenue.
Yvonne Street.
Yvonne Street was named after an employee of Kingsway Lands named Yvonne.
Young Street.
Young Street was named after Sir Alexander Young.
Yorkshire Road.
Yorkshire Road was named after Yorkshire County in England.
York Street.
York Street was named after a castle in York, England.
Yeats Crescent.
Yeats Crescent was named after William Butler Yeats.
Wymer Terrace.
Wymer Terrace was named eponymously.
Wye Street.
Wye Street was named after the Wye River in Great Britain.
Wychbury Court.
Wychbury Court was named after Wychbury Hill in Worcestershire, England.
Wordsworth Crescent.
Wordsworth Crescent was named after the English poet, Sir William Wordsworth.

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